Equine Assisted


Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) harnesses the distinctive qualities of horses to address emotional, psychological, and behavioral challenges, providing a transformative experience that fosters improved communication, confidence, and resilience in individuals dealing with a range of challenges, including autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, behavioral challenges, anxiety, PTSD, depression, attachment disorders, learning disabilities, brain injuries, and more.

Our Rates

Individual Sessions – 50 min  $145
Family Sessions – 1.5hrs  $195 per person
Groups Sessions – 2 hours  $75 per person

Contact Gaits of Hope:
Email: gaitsofhopemn@gmail.com
Call: 320-260-6755

Equine Assisted Learning
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Equine Assisted Healing
Equine Assisted


Through the transformative power of horses, Gaits of Hope empowers all ages to overcome challenges and build resilience, fostering confidence, communication, and mindfulness in life’s journey.

Equine Assisted
Equine Assisted


EAL employs ground-based activities with horses to help clients build skills and gain insights for overcoming mental health challenges, tailoring sessions and goals based on individual progress and learning.

Fall In Fridays

Veterans Program

Through therapeutic interactions with horses, Fall in Fridays empowers Veterans to tackle trauma, depression, addiction, and more, achieving a 70% reduction in challenges and offering transformative healing.

Women’s Workshops

Unleash your inner purpose and joy at Women’s Workshop: horses guide your journey to clarity, authenticity, and a life transformed.