Equine Assisted


The healing effect that horses have on people has long been known by many horse owners around the world. In the last 20 years, Organizations like EAGALA ( Equine Assisted Guidance and Learning ) have been utilizing and refining methods for incorporating horses in therapeutic settings. There has been a vast array of research that has been done to show the effectiveness & positive outcomes.
Horses are a very powerful therapeutic being. Working with these amazing creatures can help people overcome addictions, depression, anxiety, PTSD, family challenges, emotional and behavioral challenges. 
Here, at Gaits of Hope, we help clients build their confidence, communication and life skills using the effective insights the horses bring to the arena. Young and old, individuals and groups learn to communicate and work as a team, or how their own behaviors affect others. They make adjustments and watch as the horses reflect the change. It happens right in front of them and immediately the clients see the change. This offers invaluable insight for them.
Horses also have very a calming presence. By using mindfulness activities, this brings about a calm and peaceful state that can be built upon in other stressful situations. In a world of chaos and busyness, horses cause us to be present, not worrying about the past or the future.
Our clients, at Gaits of Hope, build resilence and skills that help them move forward with greater confidence and stronger communication skills. They learn ways to deal with what life throws at them and stay strong. 
Horses offer so much for so many. What a gift!

Our Rates

Individual Sessions – 50 min  $145
Family Sessions – 1.5hrs  $195 per person
Groups Sessions – 2 hours  $75 per person

Contact Gaits of Hope:
Email: gaitsofhopemn@gmail.com
Call: 320-260-6755

Equine Assisted Healing
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Equine Assisted


EAL leverages the power of horses to address diverse needs, fostering communication, confidence, and resilience in those facing autism, ADHD, anxieties, and more.

Equine Assisted
Equine Assisted


EAL employs ground-based activities with horses to help clients build skills and gain insights for overcoming mental health challenges, tailoring sessions and goals based on individual progress and learning.

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